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About Us

At Poor Richard’s Farm we produce grass fed beef products. We are a small family farm Located in Janesville, Wisconsin where we raise heritage breeds of European beef cattle. Our cattle thrive on an all grass diet and produce lean meat with great flavor. 

We believe in sustainable agriculture and practice managed intensive rotational grazing. Using portable fencing we move our cattle to fresh pasture daily, letting the grazed pasture rest for at least a month. The growing pasture becomes prairie habitat for pollinators, migratory birds and all kinds of native wildlife. By moving the cattle through clean high quality forage we mimic their natural inclination to migrate over grass lands. The temporary fencing encourages tight herding, a natural defense against predation. Fresh air and open spaces, makes for physically and emotionally healthier animals. We do not administer supplementary antibiotics or hormones, our products are completely natural.  

In addition to our Beef Sticks we sell individual cuts of frozen beef from our farm and at local farmers markets. We also sell beef in bulk, and are able to accept orders on custom processed whole, half or quarter steers.