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Poor Richard's Farm

100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks - Variety Pack

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Try all four of our beef sticks flavors made with:

100% grass fed beef raised ethically, on pasture in a rotational grazing system that is both humane and environmentally sustainable. 

Locally sourced from small Wisconsin family farms and manufactured in Wisconsin.

All natural ingredients, we use no fillers.

All gluten free, this includes our Teriyaki which is made with wheat free Tamari Sauce instead of Soy Sauce.

No MSG's or nitrates except for those that occur naturally in celery powder and sea salt.

Uncured, other cured meats use chemical additives. Our beef sticks are preserved the traditional way, with salts and vinegar. Then smoked with 100% real hardwood chips, no artificial flavors. 


8 sticks to a pack, net wt. 12oz


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